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My Movies & TV Shows Watchlist

The best App to manage your watchlist of Movies and TV Shows
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Amazing Features

My Movies & TV Shows: Watch List - The Best way to track your favorite movies and TV Shows. Simple and convenient application for explore movies, tv shows theirs details, ratings, trailers, cast and much more in one place. Add your favorite Movies and TV Shows to the watch lists and then track the release of new episodes in the calendar and on notifications.

About App My Movies

► With the application you will never forget the movie you wanted to watch.

► You can also save movies that you have already watched and share your list of favorite movies with friends.

► Mark watched series of TVShows (now you will know which series of your favorite series you are staying at).

Currently in the database:

► Movies - 480 440

► TV Shows - 84 234

► Episodes - 1 461 474

► People - 1 457 877

And it's all in one app.

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The application is completely free and available for download in appstore!

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